A mother duck in Arizona didn’t think twice before taking her ducklings across a busy road. She’d crossed a lot of streets before, so this should’ve been simple. But after she got started, she discovered her babies were no longer behind her.

The mom duck did everything she could to bring her ducklings to safety, but there were just too many cars driving by. A kind stranger noticed the distressed duck and recognized she needed assistance.

Casey Walag told The Dodo, “I watched the mom duck pacing.” “I looked down and noticed that all of her young ducks were stranded in a busy road’s turn lane. They couldn’t go onto the road, where the mother duck was.”

Walag jumped into action and phoned the cops to assist the panicked mother in safely getting everyone across the road.

“They arrived swiftly and saved them,” Walag explained. “As the officer walked the young ducks across the road, many drivers paused and said ‘thank you.’ Traffic was halted on the other side to allow them to cross.”

He grabbed them up and placed them on the sidewalk after they were safely over.

“They walked onto the grassy area close to the roadway,” Walag explained. “Our neighborhood has a lot of ponds and water, so we hoped they made it to one of them safely.”

Walag and the other bystanders waved at the nice officer as the ducks waddled out of sight.

“I was very relieved that they were all safe,” Walag added.